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Piranha ES

Dalsa's Piranha ES (Extended Sensitivity) family of line scan cameras with Time Delay and Integration (TDI) has been added to Stemmer Imaging's product portfolio. The cameras have up to 32 TDI stages and up to 8k resolution, and provide a combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity to low-light applications.

Configurable Base or Medium (4k) or Medium or Full (8k) Camera Link interfaces are available. An area mode of operation facilitates camera set-up by allowing the user to focus on a larger imaging area, which can also be used as a regular mode of operation. Other programmable features include number of taps, bit depth, flat field correction, direction control, stage selectability, and gain and offset control.

The TDI family makes it easy and cost effective to switch from line scan to TDI. The cameras provide the line rates and responsivity necessary for high-performance applications and allow the number of cameras in the system to be reduced. The Piranha ES family delivers a low price/pixel TDI system solution. Lighting costs can also be reduced since TDI imaging allows the use of LED lights.


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