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Icetana video analytics available through Macnica ATD

Macnica ATD Europe today announces another distribution agreement with a major AI-tech innovator. Founded in Australia, icetana are experts in AI SecurityDetection Software. Aftermore than elevenyears developing AI security software, icetana understands better than anyone how AI can dramatically improve the active monitoring of security surveillance networks. Security teams working with icetana software experience better outcomes for both the people in front of the cameras and those working behind the cameras. Built with privacy in mind, icetana does not rely on any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to detect unusual human behaviors or events of interest.

The best part is that the software does the heavy lifting, with little intervention and no need for rulesor specialized training. This enables staffto identify potential threats, unusual & interesting events as well as health and safety violation issues.

“Video surveillance gains in importance in many fields and with it the requirements constantly increase for personnel to oversee multiple camera scenes in real-time or post recording and identify specific critical anomalous events. With its self- learning AI-driven solution icetana dramatically facilitates anomaly detection after easy installation into existing video management systems” says Fabio Sousa, Technology Solutions Division Director at Macnica ATD Europe.

icetana Motion Intelligence

icetana seamlessly connects to existing systems and is compatible with widely used video surveillance platforms. Once installed, it begins a simple 3-step process that immediately makes the people and property in a network safer and more secure:

1. By using machine learning icetana learns to determine events that are normal in a given environment and those events which are out of the ordinary, without invasive technology or privacy violations.

2. icetana only displays the unusual events or events of interest, reducing screen fatigue for security staff. All detected events are automatically flagged and saved for review.

3. icetana gets better over time: As it processes more footage, icetana becomes smarter. The security personnel receive the relevant data it needs to make better decisions in real time.

Milestone and Genetec plugin interface

The comprehensive Milestone and Genetec integration allows installing the icetana solution in existing and already operating video management systems (VMS). Through that, the industry-leading artificial intelligence tool enables to achieve a 99% reduction in video overload. With the icetana LiveWall™ feature only events that need further investigation are automatically highlighted in a video recording, reducing operator fatigue, missed events and driving review time down to around 2 minutes for 24 hours in recording.


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