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SL4651 HD-TVI video interface for zoom block cameras

AIVION, the leading provider of video interface solutions, announced the SL4651, a small form factor HD-TVI (High-Definition Transport Video Interface) /AHD (Analog HD) video interface for zoom block cameras. With a video format support of up to 1920x1080p (30fps) for HD-TVI or 1280x720p (60/50 fps) for AHD video is the solution ideal for cameras with long reach cable requirements. AHD and HD-TVI are also video formats that can be based on the existing coaxial cabling. They can keep up with IP surveillance technology in terms of image resolution and have the advantage of almost zero latency on their side.

The block camera LVDS video input signals are demultiplexed, processed, and output over an MCX coaxial connector. The standard version has a Right angle MCX Connector, but there are also straight- and right-angle connectors of the DIN7A and MCX connector available.

For system integrators who wish to use twisted-pair cabling instead of coax cabling, a custom version is available that allows to directly solder the twisted pair cables to the board.

The SL4651 can be mounted on the side of the camera. With a 55 mm to 36mm size, the board fits the AIVION zoom block cameras AZM-FS10L, AZM-FS36-LVH, the Tamron MP1010M-VC, and the Sony Cameras FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV7520, or FCB-EV7100. This simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution is suitable for cameras requiring Full-HD TVI or AHD output signals.

The Camera can be controlled via a transparent full-duplex communication channel. The physical interface between camera and camera controller or PC is based on RS232, 3.3V TTL, or optional on RS485. The production kit includes a 30wire micro coaxial cable connecting the SL4651 to the camera and a 10wire power supply and serial control cable harness. The operating conditions for this board are -10°C to +60°C.


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