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i40 and i60 i-Series infrared cameras

Flir has introduced two new camera models to its compact i-Series of infrared cameras, which are ideal fo use in predictive maintenance and energy management thermography applications.

The new Flir i40 and i60 thermal imaging cameras weigh just 600g, but are designed for tough on-site and field conditions. These cameras share many features with the more sophisticated infrared cameras from Flir. For example, they have a 2.3 Megapixel digital camera and double LED lights enabling the user to work in dark environments. On the Flir i50 and i60 models, this is complemented by a laser pointer whose target is also visible on the infrared image. Another high end feature is the Picture-in-Picture function that allows the overlaying and scaling of an infrared image on a visual image, in real time and at the push of a button. This enables easier identification and interpretation of inspected objects.

These cameras are very easy to use with intuitive command buttons and clear user menu available in 21 languages. They are dust- and water splash proof, shock resistant and equipped with a field replaceable battery for five hours of uninterrupted use. The wide temperature measurement range of -20°C to 350°C is ideal for the majority of preventative maintenance applications.

The main differentiator between the cameras is the size of focal plane array. The i40 has a 120 x 120 pixel detector, the established i50 140 x 140 and the new top of the range i60, 180 x 180. All have accuracy of ±2 per cent and 0.1°C thermal sensitivity.


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