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SC650 and SC450 thermal imaging camera packs

Flir Systems has launched SC650 and SC450 thermal imaging camera packs for scientific research and development.

Delivering high sensitivity and advanced features, the SC650/SC450 packs offer users the flexibility of an R&D grade camera they can take from experiment to experiment. ResearchIR software is included as standard in all Flir SC650/SC450 camera packs, which provides advanced thermal pattern analysis.

Using a maintenance-free uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VoX) microbolometer detector, the SC650 camera generates 640 x 480 pixel images that are easy to interpret, resulting in reliable results with high accuracy. The SC650 detects temperature differences as small as 0.03°C at 30°C with an accuracy of ±1ºC or ±1 per cent of reading.

The SC450 pack includes a SC450 camera that generates 320 x 240 pixel thermal images. The SC650 measures temperature up to 2,000°C and the SC450 up to 1,500°C. Both cameras are ergonomically designed, extremely easy-to-use and include an LCD touch screen that allows the user to see small details and temperature differences.

Both the thermal imaging camera packs contain new features designed to empower scientific researchers. These include instant reporting on camera, touch screen image sketching and multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX).

Depending upon the model, other features include continuous auto-focus, enabling completely automated operation, 16-bit streaming IR video, picture-in-picture viewing of overlaid thermal and visual images, and a WiFi interface for wireless transmission of images.


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