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Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR sensor

Headwall has released the Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR sensor. The high-performance airborne sensor is versatile and covers the broad 400-2,500nm spectral range. Precise, high-resolution imaging is achieved through co-registered pixels using a single fore-optic input for outstanding spectral fidelity across the entire spectral range.

Designed for remote sensing applications such as environmental monitoring and mineral exploration, the sensor is optimised for size, weight, and reduced power consumption. With a weight less than 30 pounds and a small form factor package (approximately 15 x 15 x 8-inch), the sensor is designed for use on board a wide range of airborne platforms.

The sensor provides a wide field of view and high signal-to-noise (SNR) performance. Headwall has accomplished this by combining the high diffraction efficiency for the VNIR and SWIR spectral regions coupled with high quantum efficiency of the electronic subsystems.

Pixel co-registration plus aberration-corrected optics yields high spectral and spatial resolution with repeatable measurement accuracy. With diffractive optics designed and manufactured by Headwall, the hyperspectral sensor eliminates image aberrations such as keystone, smile, or stray light and thermal variation that are typically observed with transmissive-based sensors containing prisms and gratings.

The sensor is also sold with a complete airborne configuration including GPS/INS, high-speed processor and storage, and airborne Hyperspec III software for sensor control and data acquisition.


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