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Hyperspec imaging sensor

Headwall Photonics has released the high efficiency Hyperspec imaging sensor for airborne spectral sensing missions. By modifying the company's space satellite imaging instruments, Headwall has developed a class of extremely powerful and cost-effective hyperspectral sensors for the SWIR, NIR, and extended VNIR spectral regions.

Benefits of the sensor include imaging performance (optical throughput, spectral and spatial resolution), flight path efficiency, and athermalised design – all critical attributes for airborne and satellite missions. The Hyperspec platform is based on Headwall's aberration-corrected, concentric sensor design and has a peak optical throughput greater than 90 per cent.

The imaging sensor has been successfully deployed by a number of defence agencies and defence integrators. Available as a COTS product, the Hyperspec can be utilised for programme deployment in volume.


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