Hyperspec III

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Headwall has released its Hyperspec III application software, which features a powerful set of hyperspectral data acquisition management tools. The enhanced software suite represents an easy-to-use platform for controlling hyperspectral sensors across applications ranging from manned aircraft to UAV airborne remote sensing.

The software is compatible with Headwall's Hyperspec family of sensors. The software is Windows- and Linux-based, and supports both USB and Camera Link interfaces.

The software is multi-threaded and can control more than one sensor simultaneously. This means machine vision applications using multiple sensors are able to operate at peak efficiency with the software. With sensor frame rates in excess of 400fps, Hyperspec III is designed for rapid collection and management of large volumes of incoming hyperspectral data. The software runs on Headwall's Hyperspec Data Processing Unit (HDPU), which captures and manages incoming image files for interpretation and post-processing.

Hyperspec III software allows users to choose modules to suit specific needs. For example, airborne versions of the software provide GPS/INU integration and time stamping, ortho-rectification, precise calibration, and start/stop triggering of the sensor. The software also has the ability to interface with Google maps to trigger sensor operation based on pre-defined GPS coordinates.

Pan-and-tilt and other motion-control features are built into Hyperspec III, yielding an array of use-cases for hyperspectral imaging.