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HRXCAM-16K camera

Ino has introduced its compact thermal infrared, ultra high-resolution, micro-scanned 16,348 x 12,288 pixel camera core module.

The HRXCAM-16K is able to distinguish features at distances of 1km or more. It provides surveillance and intelligence capabilities for increased situational awareness.

Its micro-scanned system also provides a hyper-small efficient pixel pitch, which has a direct impact on the compactness of the system. The camera core itself weighs about 2kg thanks to its catadioptric optics based on aluminium materials.

Featuring a 16-bit raw signal, the camera module is especially designed for development because it provides full access to the detector configuration parameters. TEC-less operation minimises module size and power consumption.

The HRXCAM-16K has numerous defence, security, military, transportation and aerospace applications, where high-resolution infrared imaging capabilities are required.


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