Headwall Photonics supplies spectral imaging for plastic recycling

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Headwall Photonics (Fitchburg, MA; Diegem, Belgium) will be supplying advanced-technology spectral imaging systems to PICVISA (Barcelona, Spain) for use for in-line plastic recycling and sorting.  As a leader in sorting solutions for the recycling industry, PICVISA is focusing on the ability of hyperspectral imaging to sort and process recycled plastics. By utilizing advanced hyperspectral sensors to capture discrete spectral image data, PICVISA is able to more precisely differentiate and sort between a range of plastics that otherwise would be indistinguishable.

According to Mr. Luis Segui, Chief Operating Officer of PICVISA, "In-line sorting and recycling of plastics represents a perfect application for hyperspectral imaging.We have  always focused on innovative, cost-effective solutions to differentiate our company and Headwall, like PICVISA, is the leader in the field of advanced process vision."

In describing the collaboration, Headwall CEO David Bannon noted "This is a targeted sensor solution addressing a critical environmental need," noted Bannon. "A strong technical team comprising PICVISA representatives, our distribution partner Alava Ingenieros located in Spain, and Headwall's application engineering team worked to develop a customized solution for PICVISA's market. The result of this effort is that PICVISA's customers can take advantage of very cost-effective imaging solutions that represent the next generation of process vision technology."

Headwall's award-winning Hyperspec NIR image sensors are integrated into PICVISA's new ECOPACK systems slated for worldwide deployment. The spectral range for the hyperspectral sensors will be the Near-Infrared (NIR), spanning 900-1700nm. Headwall's precision optical technology, based on aberration-corrected gratings in an all-reflective design, allows for deployment of vision technology across very wide conveyor belts collecting and processing information at very high speed. This allows PICVISA to significantly increase throughput across the recycling operation. The high spectral and spatial resolution of Headwall's Hyperspec NIR sensor means that even similar material sets (such as plastics sharing the same color) can be distinguished and separated based on the spectral signature of each distinct material.