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HDAV2000 H.264 codec

Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP) has introduced the HDAV2000, an ultra-low latency, high-definition H.264 codec. The HDAV2000 encodes video to industry standard H.264 format and delivers high video compression ratios together with ultra-low latency performance.

The HDAV2000 is completely reliable, rugged and robust and performs consistently across a wide spectrum of demanding applications including remote moving platforms, remotely guided vehicles, UAVs, vehicle cameras, remote video surveillance, electronic news gathering and many other situations where high-quality video, audio and low latency are pre-requisites.

The codec also supports hardware decoding to enable previously recorded video and audio to be output via HDMI, SDI and composite outputs.

As with all AMP components, the HDAV2000 is backed by comprehensive and easy to use software tools and comes with full technical support from Advanced Micro Peripherals’ video experts.


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