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Halcon 11

MVTec Software has announced the June release of Halcon 11, the latest version of its software package for machine vision users, providing many innovations and enhancements.

Halcon 11 features 'Sample-based Identification', which enables trained objects to be recognised only by characteristic features like colour or texture, thereby eliminating the need to use bar codes or data codes for object identification purposes.

Furthermore, Halcon introduces new technologies and enhancements for 3D vision such as '3D Surface Comparison', registration and triangulation of point clouds, and improved photometric stereo tools for superior 3D surface inspection capabilities.

Halcon 11 extends its data code reading functionality by supporting Aztec and Micro QR codes. Moreover, classification tasks are greatly simplified by using the 'Automatic Feature Selection for Classification'. Furthermore, the usability of Halcon’s integrated development environment (HDevelop) is improved thanks to new features like the Profiler Tool and a new OCR assistant.

The speed of Halcon 11 is significantly improved by 16 additional operators supported by GPU computing and various faster algorithms. On top, many new market- and user-orientated code examples as well as detailed documentation are included. Halcon 11 now supports the Mac OS X operating system making Halcon’s technologies available to Apple users for the first time.


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