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MVTec Software has introduced Merlic, an all-in-one machine vision software product offering a new user experience with novel interaction concepts, an image-centred user interface, and many easy-to-use tools. Based on MVTec’s comprehensive expertise and designed in partnership with users, Merlic offers a rich and intuitive machine vision software package.

Merlic is an all-in-one, PC-based solution that includes many standard vision tools such as calibration, alignment, measurement, counting, checking, identification, geometry, location, and defect detection. It can also be extended with customised, user-defined tools.

A key objective in developing Merlic was to provide a user-friendly and efficient workflow experience. The software’s image-centred interface design allows developers to focus on the image rather than on complex code or parameter lists. Making use of MVTec’s EasyTouch concept helps the user towards the final solution.

Other features like the built-in front-end GUI designer, support for multiple cameras, support for multiple languages, and an automatic documentation generator for creating user manuals significantly speed up the development process.