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Green PM laser module

Power Technology has introduced a green wavelength version of the successful PM series laser module. The Green emitting PM module can deliver an output power of 20mW with a wavelength of 515nm and is specifically designed for medical and surgical applications. It excels over red lasers in applications on dark coloured or pigmented skin and on red tissue.

These applications include patient alignment and alignment for surgical procedures. In addition, green wavelength lasers are much easier to identify under the extremely bright light conditions of the operating room environment. The Green PM laser is available at an excellent price.

The PM visible laser diode module is designed for OEM medical and surgical manufacturers for easy integration into existing and prototype low power lasers. The module incorporates a single mode laser, single-element glass collimating optics or line generating optics, and the power supply into a single unit.

Extremely rugged, the module has a diameter of 12.6mm and a length of 50.93mm and is available with input voltages ranging from 6-8V DC. Optical output power and fine focus are adjustable. Optical output power digital control is also available.


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