Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-28S5

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Point Grey has added new models to the Grasshopper3 camera family, featuring high-quality, high-resolution CCD sensors and a USB 3.0 interface. 

The new Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-28S5 camera models are based on colour and monochrome versions of the fast and highly sensitive Sony ICX674, a 2/3-inch CCD featuring 4.54µm2 pixels and capable of sending 1,932 x 1,452 images at 26fps.

The ICX674 sensor supports high definition (HD) 1080p30 imaging and uses Sony's EXview HAD CCD II technology – a further evolved version of the well-known EXview HAD CCD technology – to improve quantum efficiency, reduce smear, and increase sensitivity, including into the near infrared.

The Grasshopper3 is built on an FPGA and frame buffer-based architecture to provide optimal reliability, a rich set of features, and a full image processing pipeline including colour interpolation, look up table, gamma correction and pixel binning. Additional Grasshopper3 cameras using 6 megapixel and 9.1 megapixel EXview HAD CCD II sensors will be released later this year. 

The new Grasshopper3 camera is ideal for a wide range of applications, including print inspection, 3D measurement, flow-scanning cytometry, and fluorescence imaging.