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Flea3 interoperable with ActiveUSB software

Point Grey has introduced out-of-the-box interoperability between Point Grey's Flea3 USB3 Vision cameras and ActiveUSB, a universal USB3 Vision Driver and software development kit from A&B Software.

USB3 Vision is a machine vision interface standard designed to enable integration between USB 3.0 cameras, cables, and image processing libraries from different vendors. Point Grey, one of the founding members of the USB3 Vision Committee and a key contributor to the development of this standard, has been working alongside A&B software for the past year on implementing and improving the quality of its USB3 Vision implementation.

As an active member of the machine vision community, A&B Software already provides support for Point Grey's GigE Vision and FireWire products and extends compatibility to Point Grey's USB 3.0 Vision cameras with the release of ActiveUSB earlier this summer.

Existing Point Grey customers can download the USB3 Vision supported firmware for the Flea3 FL3-U3-13S2 models directly from Point Grey's website. Support for remaining Flea3 and Grasshopper3 USB 3.0 models will be provided later this year.


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