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Grablink Full XR from Euresys

Framos now supplies the Grablink Full XR from Euresys, featuring ECCO+. The frame grabber allows the user to double the Camera Link cable length between the camera and the PC, or to achieve twice the acquisition speed, or to use less costly cables.

ECCO+ allows users to double the maximum length of the Camera Link cables, thus making the use of a repeater unnecessary. On top of skew compensation, ECCO+ features an advanced signal equalisation technique to restore the Camera Link signal integrity. In addition, the Grablink Full XR supports Camera Link 2.0 configurations, from the 80-bit to the Base configurations and is compliant with PoCL SafePower.

This high-end acquisition board offers an outstanding acquisition solution for high-speed and high-resolution area scan and line scan applications such as printing, web and flat panel display inspection, 3D inspection and manufacturing inspection for fast production lines.


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