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Gocator firmware release 3.4

LMI Technologies has launched Gocator firmware release 3.4. This firmware release delivers greater user control over measurement output, increases sensor performance, and supports the recently introduced Gocator Displacement Sensors product line.

Gocator 3D smart sensors provide users with total control over setup and operation through a built-in, web-based user interface and intuitive measurement tools. Users can quickly perform 100 per cent non-contact inline inspection, track and sort parts, and communicate results either directly or to a PLC. Gocator sensors are supplied pre-calibrated to deliver measurement results out-of-the-box and are available in different fields of view, measurement ranges, laser classes, resolutions and levels of customisation to suit an application’s specific needs.

Highlight features of release 3.4 include: Gocator Displacement Sensor support, Measurement Output Hold and Smoothing Filters to further reject measurement outliers, Open Groove and Corner Results for detecting grooves with no visible bottom surfaces and returning the groove’s corner position, improved performance in dynamic and multiple exposure modes that reduces CPU usage and increases frame rate, and improved intensity output in multiple exposure mode that delivers better image quality and pattern detection.


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