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Gocator Firmware 4.5

LMI Technologies a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of Gocator Firmware 4.5. The release has several features that greatly expand Gocator’s inspection capabilities including Gocator Development Kit (GDK), Gocator Accelerator, and Gocator Emulator.

The GDK extends Gocator’s flexibility with a set of development tools and APIs that allow customers to develop and execute their own measurement tools on the Gocator hardware with the same capability and performance as native built-in tools. This provides full IP-protection and allows the user to quickly respond to on-site issues by modifying and deploying custom tools on-site.

The Gocator Accelerator introduces the power of the PC to increase processing speed and offer greater memory by seamlessly distributing a portion of a Gocator sensor’s data processing to a PC.

The Gocator Emulator presents a virtual sensor running on a PC and loads pre-recorded Gocator sessions for offline review.

“With every Firmware release our goal is to continue to build on Gocator’s industry-leading smart sensor design. Gocator Firmware 4.5 continues this commitment by delivering a range of significant speed, customization and measurement enhancements to give users more control and ease of use in their automated quality control processes”, said Chi Ho Ng, Director of Product Management.

Other features in Gocator 4.5 include new measurement and filtering tools, enhanced stereo processing for occlusion removal, point cloud rendering mode, and various usability enhancements like a simplified login, faster toggling to different languages, and the ability to display frame information during recording and replay.


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