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GigE Vision evaluation service

Stemmer Imaging has introduced a GigE Vision evaluation service. This, combined with a comprehensive portfolio of machine vision cables, including those from new supplier, Components Express, Inc (CEI), addresses the needs of high-bandwidth imaging in industrial manufacturing.

Although in principle the GigE Vision and GenICam standards offer the opportunity to seamlessly integrate vision systems into a network environment using industry-standard Ethernet components, it has become apparent that care needs to be taken when adding vision to existing networks. Using two very high-end test devices from Fluke, an entire network or sections of the network can be evaluated for suitability for vision applications. Without suitable test equipment, troubleshooting can quickly become extremely complex. This test capability includes evaluating transmission capabilities for both copper and fibre cable.

Optical fibre cabling can test the purity of the fibre ends or the attenuation of the fibres can be documented to ensure optimum operation of a system. In addition to cable testing, the Fluke OptiView Series III Network Analyzer also allows the throughput rate of a network topology to be measured.


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