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SWIR and NIR imaging cameras

Stemmer Imaging has boosted its range of infrared (SWIR and NIR) sensitive cameras with the addition of new models from Xenics, Allied Vision Technologies, IDS, JAI and Teledyne Dalsa. These cameras provide a wide choice of resolution, sensitivity, waveband and other functionality, but it is their enhanced performance in imaging light from the NIR region of the spectrum (700nm to 1,050nm) and for the Xenics product SWIR (1µm to 3µm), that allows them to reveal information in food inspection that simply cannot be obtained using conventional imaging.

Infrared imaging is particularly important in the inspection of foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and meat, because NIR and SWIR radiation allows features below the surface of the object to be viewed, whereas standard cameras can only show surface information. This allows checks to be made for early signs of decay, mechanical bruising and pest damage below the surface. This subsurface imaging capability also offers the added benefit of being able to check the contents under printed packages, giving a further quality check even after a product has been packaged.

The new additions to the infrared camera range include both area scan and line scan models together with a choice of vision data transfer interfaces and a rich array of features. This allows easy interfacing into existing processing lines and ensures that the most appropriate camera to be chosen for the particular application.


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