Gecko-Four polygon scanner for lidar scanning

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Many different laser scanning technologies are used for short range, low resolution LIDAR. For applications needing high resolution, long range LIDAR, polygon scanners dominate!

Precision Laser Scanning is now introducing its Gecko-FourTM polygon scanner for LIDAR scanning from small UAVs and in terrestrial robotics for factory automation. 

Gecko-Four has a 25 mm aperture for a useful range of over 200 meters and its four facets give a scan angle of 120 degrees. The scan rate is up to 267 Hz for high resolution. Start Of Scan detection yields maximum accuracy. Its light 150 gm weight and power consumption of < 6 watts make it ideal for battery powered operation such as 3D mapping from small drones. Polygon scanning technology works well with TOF and FMCW LIDAR technologies.

The Gecko-Four is also useful for LIDAR proof of concept in Autonomous Vehicles and in ADAS systems prior to specifying a custom, automotive grade, polygon scanner.

Gecko-Four is a standard model, with short lead time and low price.

Precision Laser Scanning is focused on providing high speed polygon scanners along with related optics and expertise to guide customers through successful integration.

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