Level Five Supplies to run lidar training

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Level Five Supplies, Europe’s leading LiDAR specialist, has launched a brand new programme of specialist LiDAR training courses.

The courses are the first of their kind to be offered in the UK – designed to complement our other services and accelerate the tricky early stages of integration.

Our one and two-day courses offer the ideal combination of theory and practice, ensuring participants develop a sound working knowledge of LiDAR hardware and software. They will learn how to get started with generating, recording, and interpreting point clouds for robotics and autonomous systems.

This exclusive opportunity to understand the fundamentals of digital 3D LiDAR technology is delivered by expert course leader, Dr Rebecca Bennett and the Level Five engineering team.

Hosted at the British Motor Museum conference centre, the Introductory course will take place on Wednesday 6 April 2022, with the intermediate level Integrators course running over two days, 26 & 27 April.

Further information can be found in the training section of the Level Five website.

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