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Gecko enclosures for Flir Ax5 thermal camera

Six years ago, autoVimation’s success story began with the Gecko series of new protective camera enclosures for industrial image processing. But with cameras becoming increasingly smaller, users have turned to the Salamander enclosure series that features a simpler design. In this light, the introduction of Flir’s new, compact ax5 thermal imaging cameras is a good reason to reintroduce the revised Gecko enclosures with a fresh, green design. autoVimation has developed a special heat guide / quick lock camera mount for the thermal imaging cameras that is compatible with all ax5 focal lengths and prevents shaded edges even with wide-angle lenses. In addition, Gecko enclosures are suitable for Vision Components’ popular VC40XX series of intelligent cameras. The patented heat guide / quick lock mounting system is available for both camera types.


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