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FXO Series machine vision cameras

SVS-Vistek, a member of the TKH Group, offers 24 versions of its FXO Series machine vision cameras featuring Sony Pregius S image sensors, the fourth generation of the breakthrough sensor now equipped with a back-illuminated structure to reduce its size and to improve frame rates, while still maintaining unmatched imaging performance.

Available in resolutions from 5 megapixels (2448 x 2048 px) to 24.4 megapixels (5312 x 4600 px), SVS-Vistek FXO Series cameras can be specified with either 10GigE or CoaXPress-12 (CXP-12) interfaces, giving maximum design flexibility to system integrators.

In addition to multiple resolutions and interfaces, FXO cameras leverage the latest technical advantages to enable integration into a wider range of applications, from the inspection of semiconductors, food, and electronics, to scientific research and medical imaging. Along with standard functions such as ROI, LUT and binning, there are PTP or Color Transformation Control, which go far beyond standard white balance. A GeniCam 4-channel LED strobe controller saves implementation costs by driving LED lighting directly or in connection with an integrated sequencer via the camera's power outputs.

Designed for use with affordable C-mount lenses, FXO cameras come in a rugged, CNC-milled aluminum housing with advanced thermal management to achieve stable image homogeneity in environments up to 60° C (140° F). At just 50 x 50 mm, the cameras boast one of the most compact footprints on the market, making it possible to install them into the tightest of spaces. The 10GigE cameras' large framebuffer and packet resend helps optimize frame rates to 124 fps, and supports maximum cable lengths of 100 meters in distance with the added benefit of PoE. The CXP-12 version is suitable for cable distances up to 25 meters with PoCXP.


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