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FreedomView SD

Optim, a manufacturer of endoscopic products, has launched a line of small diameter fiberscopes, the FreedomView SD, designed for inspection in confined spaces.

The FreedomView SD is a hand-held, portable inspection device that combines a high intensity LED light source into the handle with a flexible, insertion shaft that can be fully immersed in water, gasoline and diesel fuel. There is no need for a separate light source, cable or need to replace a lamp.

The endoscope is highly efficient in inspection driven industries including machine vision, aviation, automotive, and law enforcement.

The SD model is a perfect fit for tight spots, like small diameter tubing, small aviation and automotive engines, power generation plant equipment, and castings inspections.

The SD line is the premiere product in Optim's range of smaller fiberscopes, providing the same features offered with the company's, FreedomView, but with a smaller diameter and a more compact handle.


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