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FrameLink Express video capture

Imperx, a provider of digital cameras and frame grabbers, has created a comprehensive library of CAM configuration files for its FrameLink Express video capture card for ExpressCard/54 laptop computers. The card is capable of acquiring images from two independent video cameras and sending them to an ExpressCard/54-compliant notebook computer with more than 235Mbytes/sec throughput. The library makes setup and control of the cameras quick and error-free.

The FrameLink Express card works with cameras that conform to the Camera Link interface base configuration standard. The card offers an auto-learn feature that continually monitors the camera's signals to determine the camera's resolution. By measuring both the number of clock transitions per line and the lines per frame, FrameLink Express can determine the image resolution that the camera is delivering.

The card has no way of knowing, however, how many taps are active in a high-resolution camera or the camera bit depth. These and other camera-specific details were needed in order for the user to manually create a CAM file that stores the configuration for system initialisation. This file creation task has now been removed.

The CAM file library contains all the configuration information that the user needs in order to match the frame grabber's operation to the attached camera's speed, resolution, and format.

Library entries include configuration files for cameras from most leading vendors, including Adimec, Basler, Dalsa, JAI/Pulnix, Redlake, and Sony.


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