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FQ2 vision sensor

Omron has launched a new version of its FQ vision sensor, the FQ2. The FQ2 vision sensor combines the camera, lens and lighting in a single compact package, complete with image processing capability which eliminates the need for a separate controller. The compact size and all-in-one design makes the sensor simple to mount and ideal for use in confined spaces.

The FQ2 supports all of Omron’s inspection algorithms, including shape search, colour inspection, OCR, code reading and verification. For shape detection, Omron’s Shape Search II algorithm achieves high speed, highly reliable detection of position and 360° angle even if the objects are overlapping. In addition the Shape Search II algorithm can detect up to 32 objects in the same image, enabling high speed inspection of groups of items.

For character recognition, Omron’s unique OCR technology enables stable recognition and verification of even worn or distorted characters, and requires no setting of parameters to compensate for character contrast or positional offsetting. The large, built-in dictionary includes more than 80 different fonts, plus worn, blurred and distorted characters, and numerous size and background variations. Set-up is simple and can be completed in minutes, making the FQ2 ideal for verifying date and lot codes.

Ensuring the best possible image detection, models are available with resolutions from 360,000 pixels up to 1.3 million pixels. The FQ2 can make up to 32 simultaneous measurements, checking more than 5,000 pieces per minute. In addition, because the sensor can measure angles of rotation and other positional information, it can also be used for positioning applications.

With a versatile line-up of products, users can choose the exact functionality required for an application, based simply on the required field of view and the installation distance. Sensors with integrated lenses are available for sensing distances up to 1m for object sizes from 7mm to 300mm, while wide angle versions ensure a wide field of view even when the sensor is mounted close to the work piece. In addition, sensors are available with C-mount lenses for complete flexibility of operation.

The FQ2 can be quickly programmed through an intuitive PC software package or by using a dedicated touchscreen, which provides local visualisation and a programming interface.


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