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FQ range of vision sensors

Omron has released the FQ range of vision sensors delivering crystal clear images, yet offering outstanding simplicity of installation and set up. The systems feature one-touch control via a simple and intuitive icon-driven menu that eliminates the need for complex instructions and specialist know-how.

The first products of their type to employ HDR (high dynamic range) technology, FQ vision sensors incorporate full colour processing with up to 16 million colours, built-in polarising and halation filters and integrated high-intensity LED lighting. These features enable them to provide stable inspection even with highly reflective, low contrast and similarly difficult targets. They also cope easily with piece-to-piece variation between targets and with target misalignment.

Omron supplies its vision sensors in versions with fields of view from 7.4mm to 300mm. All models have an IP67 ingress protection rating, making them suitable for use in harsh operating environments.

A wide range of set up and control options is also offered: the sensors can be set up and configured via a PC or a standalone TouchFinder interface, operated locally or remotely, used as a portable or fixed unit, and installed permanently or temporarily.

Versatile automatic functions are provided to guide users through the process of configuring and fine-tuning the operation of the sensors, and four different views of inspection results are supported: overview, detail, trend and distribution. This means that users can choose the presentation most appropriate for their particular application, thereby allowing them to make informed and accurate decisions about their production, and to implement any remedial measures that may be needed.

The vision sensors feature industry-standard connections for trigger and I/O signals, as well as Ethernet connectivity. For applications requiring more than one vision sensor, multiple units can readily be networked together and controlled from a single point.


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