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Flying high with 3D measurement software

Specialised Imaging has developed a technique that allows engineers to correlate high-speed video data with 3D visualisation and measurement.

The technique correlates both analytical and visual data over a significant part of an object's flight, offering engineers a new high-speed imaging tool.

Using a pair of Trajectory Tracker systems, with new flight prediction algorithms, and high-speed video cameras - engineers can capture a sequence of images along an objects flight path and also obtain accurate 3D measurements from those sequences. The Trajectory Tracker, with its flight prediction algorithms, is used to accurately track the object along a large portion of the flight path. This allows a very tight field of view, which results in higher accuracy for the 3D analysis.

The 3D analysis software allows for the calibration of the system and relating this to the image data streams from the high-speed video camera, produces simultaneous correlated video and measurement data.

Proof of principle tests carried out by customers in the USA and Europe have shown that the reduction in time to obtain accurate 3D (pitch and yaw) measurements is helping to accelerate the process of characterising the flight behaviour of fast moving objects.


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