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Specialised Imaging has announced the introduction of SIM-D, an ultra-fast framing camera. The new compact system combines ease of use, ease of maintenance, and high performance.

An optical periscope for focus adjustment enables rapid and simple experimental setup and optimisation. Comprehensive triggering facilities, highly accurate timing control and a wide range of output signals, coupled with a software package that includes full measurement and image enhancement functions simplifies image capture. Fully remote operation using Ethernet connectivity comes as standard enabling easy integration.

The camera is suited for applications in areas such as automotive testing, biomedical research, combustion research, failure dynamics, impact studies, nanotechnology, and university research.

The optical design of the SIM-D provides a choice of up to 16 separate optical channels without compromising performance or image quality. Effects such as parallax and shading, inherent in other designs, are eliminated and the high spatial resolution (> 36 lp/mm) is the same from frame to frame and in both axes. Individual ultra-high resolution intensified CCD detectors offer a high level of control over gain and exposure.


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