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Flir X6900sc

FLIR Systems has introduced the new FLIR X6900sc as the world's fastest 640 x 512 pixel resolution thermal camera for high-speed science applications.

The new thermal imager is designed to record 1000 fps at full resolution onto the camera's RAM for up to 26 seconds.  Whether measuring temperatures on fast moving objects or characterizing the thermal transient of objects as they heat up, this new camera offers the rapid frame speed, high resolution, and thermal sensitivity required to virtually stop motion enabling accurate temperature readings, and recording of gradients across the entire frame.

Researchers who want to stop motion on fast-moving targets, or freeze frame the thermal dynamics of targets that heat and cool rapidly, need a thermal camera that can do more than achieve fast frame rates. True high speed infrared imaging requires fast integration times - down to just microseconds - as well as the ability to capture data at 29,000 frames per second. The next generation infrared detector on the FLIR X6900sc now makes it possible to record high speed data with the full 640 x 512 window, meaning researchers can perform dynamic analysis of jet engine turbine blades, supersonic projectiles, explosions, and more, without losing areas of the frame to windowing.

With advanced triggering and synchronization, a secure solid state storage drive, and four-position motorized filter wheel, the FLIR X6900sc offers the perfect blend of high speed visible camera features with the latest in FLIR infrared technology.


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