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Flir ResearchIR

Flir Systems has also developed a new R&D software package, Flir ResearchIR for its thermal imaging cameras.

This sophisticated new software is aimed at the more advanced thermographer who needs to monitor thermal events that are typically more agile or transient.

Flir ResearchIR visualises thermal patterns and applies advanced start/stop recording capabilities such as pre- and post-recording and high speed image storage. It also allows post processing of recorded IR-image sequences of dynamic thermal events. Analysis functions include spot, line/polyline, area and ellipse. It creates time-temperature plots of the event, exporting them in standard picture and data formats – csv, bmp, jpeg – for subsequent analysis. This is particularly beneficial for industrial R&D, automation and process control.

Typical applications for FLIR ResearchIR include monitoring the transient behaviour of a power supply or its components during power-up when loads or other parameters are being altered. Similarly, it is ideal for evaluating the thermal performance of an automotive brake in operation or the effect of a change in its material composition.

This product can be used in tandem with, or independent from, the new QuickPlot software package that is designed for simple trending and analysis. Both provide zoom and pan for close examination of an object, a file organiser for quick collection and preview of sequences and multi-user configurable tabs for live images, recorded images or plots.

Although primarily introduced for the SC-Series of scientific grade infrared cameras, Flir ResearchIR is also compatible with selected models in its mid-range T-Series and the fixed-mounted A-Series.


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