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3DX-Ray has launched FlatScan2, a portable x-ray device with the potential for 3D imaging capabilities for improved inspection.

The 3D imaging capability delivers significant benefits for security services by making inherently unnatural x-rays appear more ‘natural’, enabling the operator to more easily correctly interpret a set of items as either benign or as a threat.

In high-pressure scenarios where x-ray images need to be analysed as quickly, reliably and safely as possible, FlatScan2’s 3D imaging aims to deliver improved detection rates, reduced time-to-decision and much easier usability for security operatives.

Imaging resolution has been improved by 50 per cent compared to the original FlatScan, giving FlatScan2 image quality approaching that of amorphous silicon-based detectors, but without the price premium associated with such ‘full field’ systems.

FlatScan2 also delivers penetration through up to 40mm of steel, enabling more threats to be detected even when hidden behind thick metal barriers or containers. Wireless capabilities have also been enhanced, with the range of FlatScan2 extended to 120m.


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