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FL series of illuminators

Omron has released its FL series of lighting products that enable sharp and stable images to be captured by vision inspection systems. The light sources, which feature innovative ODR (optical double reflection) technology, provide powerful uniform illumination over a wide field of view. The light sources are complemented by an intelligent lighting controller that makes setting up fast and straightforward.

Because of their high light output, the light sources are ideally suited for applications in high-speed production lines where, with lower light output, it is difficult to capture sharp images. They also provide an effective and convenient solution where the need to use polarising filters to reduce reflections has, in the past, resulted in dark and often unsatisfactory images.

A further benefit with having a uniform light source is that the vision system doesn't need to be configured to compensate for light fall off towards the edges of the field of view, which greatly simplifies set up. In addition, the high level of lighting provided means that even if the distance from the light source to the work piece varies over a wide range, satisfactory illumination will be maintained under all conditions.

The FL-series light sources are available in bar and ring formats. Both formats feature lightweight and compact yet robust construction. A range of accessories to facilitate rapid installation and adjustment is also available.

The lighting controllers also feature compact design. Equally suitable for mounting in a control panel or directly on the plant, these controllers allow the light output to be adjusted in 400 steps, and also make provision for the light emission to be synchronised with almost any type of trigger including from a sensor or from the plant control system.

The cable linking the controller to the light source can be up to 25m long thereby allowing the controller to be installed alongside the image-processing monitor.


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