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Firmware for HX-series cameras

Baumer has released its HX-series Dual GigE and Camera Link cameras equipped with new firmware. This will enhance existing functionality with features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), multi-ROI (Region of Interest) and improved Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) correction.

HDR acquisitions deploy Piecewise-Linear Response technology, which gives dynamic range up to 90dB in a scene. Inspection of shiny surfaces, for example, will become easier with this functionality. The integrated multi-ROI function means several sections from an image can be transferred to make optimum use of the very high frame rate, even at reduced bandwidth. Both horizontal and vertical image sections are processed. Thanks to integrated FPN correction, the cameras provide excellent image quality with low noise.

Baumer Dual GigE and Camera Link cameras were developed for applications with high frame rate, resolution and sensitivity requirements. They are equipped with Cmosis global shutter sensors with 2 and 4 megapixel resolutions at rates up to 337fps. Optimised models for the near-infrared are also available.


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