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FireWire system-on-a-chip

DapTechnology, a supplier of advanced IEEE 1394 protocol analysers and solutions to the aerospace, defence, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets, has produced a high-speed S3200 3.2 Gigabit IEEE 1394b FireWire system-on-a-chip (SOC) solution.

The solution allows video data to be transported from a Xilinx development board through 10m standard FireWire cable to a PCI Express board within a host computer. The company is spearheading this development with support from Point Grey, a provider of advanced digital camera systems, as a result of growing market need for higher speed IEEE 1394b technology.

The DapTechnology 3.2 Gigabit 1394b PHY IP will initially be available on a Xilinx FPGA and comprises a 1394b standards-compliant PHY IP boasting throughput rates of up to 3.2 Gigabits per second – a performance gain of up to 4 times that of the currently available IEEE 1394b-2002 and Gigabit Ethernet standards. The 3.2 Gigabit IEEE 1394b SOC Solution suite is expected to be released commercially by the end of December 2010. An S1600 1.6 Gigabit version of the suite is expected to be available earlier by the end of April 2010.


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