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FireWire matrix cameras

Baumer has launched its new FireWire matrix camera series. The modular digital cameras support both FireWire ‘a’ and ‘b’, and provide net data transfer rates of up to 80 MB/s. Five models are available, which can achieve frame rates of up to 94fps, with resolutions from VGA to 2 Megapixel.

The progressive scan CCD sensors, 12-bit signal processing, and colour management optimise image quality and colour fidelity. The linear signal processing, low noise levels and structure-free image data ensure reproducible images with highly accurate measurements, even under difficult industrial conditions. The new generation of cameras offers gain, offset, and exposure time settings, as well as binning and true partial scan (ROI) readout modes to enhance sensitivity or increase the frame rate. The 32-MB image data buffer ensures that all image data are transmitted securely and reliably even when used in multi-camera applications.

The uniform and robust housing design has dimensions of just 36 x 36 x 55mm.

For easy integration, configuration and operation of the new cameras, Baumer is providing a generic software interface. In addition to FireWire, the software interface supports Gigabit Ethernet and is designed for future 64 bit PC architectures, and modern platforms such as .NET.


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