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Falcon 4M60

Dalsa's Falcon 4M60 area scan camera now includes new features to extend its performance to the electronics inspection, machine vision and imaging markets. The camera offers a full 4 Megapixels of resolution at 60 fps and offers a true global (non-rolling) shutter for smear-free imaging of fast-moving objects.

In addition to the robust industry-proven performance, Dalsa's sensor technology offers exceptional image quality and provides many modes of operation. New features include: a new snapshot mode for trigger-to-image reliability; high-speed transmission via Camera Link; and a new controlled integration time.

The Falcon 4M60 is compatible with DALSA’s Xcelera-CL PX4 frame grabbers for the PCI Express bus. Additional models in the Falcon family, including a colour version of the camera will be available later this year.


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