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EyeVision software for Universal Robot

The EyeVision image processing software now contains a new command, which allows the communication and control of a Universal Robot. The elaborate programming is now obsolete as only one command is enough to send the necessary tasks to the robot.

The new command makes RobotVision solutions in 2D, 3D or even thermal imaging in combination with an UR robot much easier. Tasks as bin-picking can therefore be solved with just a few mouse clicks.

A component part is taught in with its orientation, which can be picked up with the gripper. The software recognized each component part, which are positioned so that the gripper can pick them up and also at the same time can measure, if the gripper has enough space to grab the objects. The position of the objects are then sent to the UR robot via the UR command of the software. The robot can then locate, grip and pick up the component parts.

It is also possible to carry out an automatic inspection of the component parts at different stages with the UR command. The machine vision sends the robot the position where the camera will want to inspect next. The robot will move the sensor to this position, where then an image is taken. The image is then evaluated by the EyeVision software. This happens in a matter of a view ms. You wouldn‘t notice that it took any time at all. The result of the evaluation can be for example that the robot should grab the component part and drop it in the good parts tray or in the tray to be reworked.

Which sensor you should use is up to you. The EyeVision software supports a great number of 3D sensors and 2D cameras (color and gray as well) as well as a few thermal imaging and hyperspectral cameras. With the UR command a robot can even be told to switch to another sensor to solve another application. The evaluation of the different images is carried out as easily as the robot can be controlled.

The EyeVision UR support, offers an easy access to RobotVision solutions. And the user can even choose between the use of a PC, embedded or smart camera system for their machine vision solution.


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