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EyeVision Intel Real Sense D-400 support

EyeVision now also supports the new Intel Real Sense D-400. The 3D command set of the EyeVision 3D software allows now also to capture 3D images and process point clouds with the Intel sensor. The new RealSense stands for high-speed-stereoscopy and exact depth perception, combined in one system.

Therefore with the combination of RealSense and EyeVision software it is possible to calculate point clouds, from the depth image, which are processed on the sensor, in only a few milliseconds. And then the user can make evaluations on the point clouds with the commands of the EyeVision software. For example hight and depth measurements, object counting and recognition, and also 3D pattern matching with the 3D Object Match command, etc. 

The Intel® RealSense™ is based on the Vision Processor D4 and uses advanced algorithms to process raw image streams from the depth cameras and computes high resolution 3D depth maps without the need for dedicated GPU or host processor. A variety of depth modules and housed camera devices provide an easy solution for rapid integration into industrial vision systems. 

EyeVision 3D uses the advantages of the high-speed stereoscopy since a few years now and has integrated several stereo-3D-sensors, as for example the Ensenso by IDS or the previous model of the RealSense.

The 3D commands of the EyeVision software are so easy and user-friendly manageable, that programming knowledge will not be necessary.

Commands such as the 3D Blob – for object detection – are so straightforward in their use, one could almost say that the commands can be used haptic. The EVT 3D image processing is emphasizing not only precision but also simplicity. 

Intel® RealSense™ technology supports a wide range of operating systems and programming languages. The EyeVision 3D enables you to extract depth data from the camera and use the interpretation of this data in the platform of your choice, including Intel and ARM processors. 

Application areas for the Intel RealSense - in combination with the EyeVision software – are for example any type of hight measurement in industries such as automotive, robotic and RobotVision, food & beverage industry, but also medicine and in engine building in general.


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