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EyeCheck Thermo

EVT has developed EyeCheck Thermo, an intelligent thermography camera based on the same camera technology featured in the Saitis-640 IR camera by DST Control, and coupled with EVT software.

Within a compact housing, the camera offers a freely programmable FPGA as well as an integrated Zynq board Raze1-30. It is also possible to use different Zynq boards, corresponding to user needs.

The EyeCheck Thermo has eight inputs and eight outputs, and has a tolerance of up to 24V. Available resolutions include 320 x 240 pixels (EC Thermo 800) and 640 x 480 pixels (EC Thermo 1000).

Furthermore, the additional thermography command set ensures complex applications for the thermal imaging area can be solved quite easily. For this reason a variety of tasks from the thermal imaging environment can be handled via drag-and-drop programming.

In addition to the new command set, the user has the complete command set of the EyeVision software at their disposal.


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