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EyePC camera series

EVT has released the EyePC camera series combining the latest technology with simple handling. The powerful EyePC cameras are suited to industrial inspection, machine vision and quality assurance. The system possesses a Gigabit Ethernet interface and an optional Profibus, Interbus or CAN Bus interface.

Further to the EyeSpector series, the EyePC cameras add to EVT's range of products with a various CMOS/CCD sensors. The range of products includes monochrome and colour models with diverse frame rates and sensor technologies. The resolution of the sensors range from 640 x 480 to 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The series of compact cameras combine a high productivity with high definition and an excellent sensitivity. The software of the EyePC series is fully compatible with the software of the EyeSpector systems.

All EyePC-cameras are equipped with an Intel 1.6 GHz atom processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB solid state disk, which provides enough processing power to solve even complex tasks. The smart cameras run using operating systems XPe and Linux and the user interface is aligned with XPe. The graphically programmable EyeVision software is supplied with all image processing systems. The connection to a PLC can be carried out via two inputs and two outputs (24V) and in addition to Ethernet and RS232, a USB interface is available. All EyePC cameras as well as all EyeSpector cameras can be directly identified, programmed and configured by remote control.

The EyePC systems are supplied with the latest version of the EyeVision software, which provides simple drag-and-drop programming. Standard protocols allow data exchange and image exchange with all systems via TCP/IP or UDP. The results of measurement can be also transferred to SAP and Oracle via optional software interfaces.


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