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Eye-Lite thermal imager

Premier Electronics has released its Eye-Lite thermal imager, an advanced, continuous zoom thermal imaging camera based on the Eye-Z cooled IR engine. This thermal camera provides night vision capability for military and paramilitary surveillance, as well as airborne, ground and naval applications.

With its modular design, Eye-Lite can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, ranging from a stand-alone sealed camera to an open frame configuration. There are two basic versions: 320 x 240 InSb FPA, and the large format 640 x 480 InSb FPA for high resolutions.

The camera is controlled via communication protocol or by discrete signals, which are implemented either locally or remotely by an RCU (remote control unit). The system supplies continuous zoom. A close-up lens of x2.5 or x2 is available as well and can be connected for ultra long-range observation. It can be integrated either into gimbals, pan and tilt stations and other fixed or mobile platforms.

Powerful built in features include digital video outputs, up to 700mm focal length with the x2.5 close up lens, seven different colour pallets, AGC, focus, FOV, video, polarity, NUC.

This powerful and flexible thermal camera will provide users with long range video data allowing them to make accurate decisions on which course of action to take to ensure reduced risks.


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