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EV76C560 CMOS image sensor

e2v has introduced its high spec, 1.3 Megapixel CMOS image sensor with embedded features for industrial imaging.

Featuring dual true global and rolling shutter modes, the EV76C560 is the first in a family of high-sensitivity CMOS imagers aimed specifically at industrial machine vision, barcode scanning, surveillance and other demanding imaging applications.

This device is ideal for applications requiring superior low-light performance or where very short integration times are necessary (for example in high speed video streaming applications), or where illumination power must be minimised. The 1,280 x 1,024 imager comprises 5.3µm pixels with an architecture that assures very high efficiency global shuttering (3000:1), while maintaining excellent quantum efficiency (QE). It outputs full resolution images in a 10-bit parallel format at 60fps. Furthermore, with the ability to switch on-the-fly to a true 4T electronic rolling shutter mode, users can optimise the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance against available lighting and scene motion content capture requirements.

Novel pixel integration/readout modes and embedded image pre-processing deliver superior performance parameters, including a bi-frame wide dynamic range (>100dB) free of the artefacts normally encountered with non-linear WDR techniques, to enable imaging of day-lit scenes with excellent colour and contrast ratio in both shaded and bright regions of the image. 

Image analysis algorithms and multi-tasking video applications perform well due to features, such as multiple regions of interest (i.e. four separate windows) that provide users with high control. Each window frame output carries its own image histogram encoded in the image data stream footer. In addition to the size and position of each window, the EV76C560 offers the user control of the integration time, gain, sub-sampling, repetition rate and other uniquely configured parameters; rather like having up to four different sensors under the same lens.

The current EV76C560 will be released to full production in a CLCC48 package by the end of 2009, with samples available now. A 2 Megapixel version with identical optical format and with pin to pin and software compatibility with the current device is planned for release early 2010.


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