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Ruby CMOS imaging sensors

e2v has launched two new devices from the e2v Ruby family of CMOS imaging sensors, the EV76C660 and EV76C661. These 1.3 Megapixel sensors have excellent sensitivity performance for front-side illuminated sensors, with an extended wavelength range.

The Ruby sensors are a derivative of e2v’s widely acclaimed Sapphire CMOS sensors, offering a pixel size of 5.3μm, Quantum Efficiency (QE) of over 80 per cent, and excellent sensitivity and performance in the near-infrared spectrum (>50 per cent at 850nm). Both Ruby imaging sensors significantly reduce system illumination costs, or enable very low-light imaging in outdoor camera applications. The same package, pin-out and software interface as e2v’s Sapphire family gives customers access to a range of differentiated industrial camera products from a single hardware and software development.

The Ruby EV76C660 is optimised for rolling shutter operation and combines high sensitivity and low noise. It is the perfect device for night vision and outdoor cameras, for example in high-end security applications. The Ruby EV76C661 combines the family’s extended wavelength sensitivity with best-in-class global shutter efficiency. It is perfect for applications that need to capture fast moving objects, for example in machine vision cameras or intelligent traffic systems.


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