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Sofradir, a developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detectors for military, space and commercial applications, has launched the Epsilon, a compact cooled 15µm pitch 1/2 TV format mid-wave infrared (MWIR) detector.

Epsilon applications include military-grade hand-held systems, such as night vision goggles and small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Weight reduction in these applications is important to minimising operator fatigue in IR goggles and enabling smaller UAVs to carry payload with cooled IR detectors. In addition to meeting lightweight requirements, Epsilon provides the identification and detection performance associated with cooled IR detectors.

Epsilon has low power consumption and is compatibility with very small batteries and small optics. Its 15µm pixel size is compatible with small IR optics, a key feature that allows additional reductions in size and weight.

Minimising power consumption has been the underpinning concept in Epsilon's design, which Sofradir has achieved using advanced technologies and a very small cryogenic cooler. With power consumption at 2W, close to what is required by microbolometers (an IR detector that does not need cooling), end users benefit by being able to double the life of current batteries or use smaller batteries to further reduce weight.


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