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Snake SW Tecless

Sofradir, an expert in advanced infrared detectors for aerospace, defence and commercial markets, has recently launched the Snake SW Tecless, a small footprint VGA resolution shortwave infrared detector. Offering fast frame rates (300fps) and a high signal-to-noise ratio, the Snake SW Tecless is designed for use in high-volume industrial, scientific and surveillance applications, such as inspection, sorting, thermography and security monitoring tasks.

Snake SW Tecless is designed with the Sofradir’s InGaAs technology and is the first shortwave infrared detector without a cooler that the company has commercialised. The new uncooled package (2.73cm2) represents only one-fifth of the physical dimensions of other Sofradir Snake SW detector products.

Its compactness makes it highly suitable for in-line inspection and sorting, notably machine vision for semiconductors, agricultural, pharmaceutical or chemical products. It is also ideal for thermography, including hot process control in glass and metal industries, as well as for addressing size, weight, power consumption and cost reduction needs in surveillance applications, such as traffic monitoring and transport security.


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