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EMCAL v2.0

Andor Technology has launched the latest version of EMCAL, a software method of EM (Electron Multiplying) gain self-recalibration for its iXonEM+ range of cameras. Even after exercising due care during usage, the EM gain of back-illuminated EM CCDs will deplete over time, the rate dependent on the extent of gain applied and on the typical signal intensity incident on the detector.

Andor's EMCAL v2.0 self-recalibration process is easy to initiate. A routine is triggered that measures EM gain and uses the iXonEM+ in-built temperature compensated linear gain scales to reset the EM gain calibration, to deliver the true values requested on the software scale. EMCAL enhances the day-to-day quantitative reliability of the technology, and circumvents the need to return back-illuminated EM CCD cameras to the factory for recalibration.


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