EL-10-30-Ci lens

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Optotune’s focus tunable lens EL-10-30-Ci has been successfully integrated into SANXO Group’s image processing software Modular-X. With rapid changes in focal length of the tunable lens, pictures at different working distances are acquired, displayed and processed in real time by the software. Featuring both preset focus distances and auto-focus, Modular-X enables a variety of applications in the field of machine vision, e.g. fast imaging and processing of barcodes at different working distances.  

A particularly interesting application, which was presented by Optotune at the recent AIA Vision show in Boston, is the combination of two images at different working distances into one live video stream. To achieve that the software synchronizes the camera with alternating focal power settings of the tunable lens. Edge detection algorithms then help combining the alternating images into one live video stream.

The Optotune tunable lens is also successfully integrated into an-other main product, the SANXO-Scope HD digital microscope. The digital microscope brought into the market by SANXO offers a complete setup for magnified high frame rate live image inspec-tion. The emphasis in development was put to open space above the working surface allowing the object under inspection to be both easily moved around and manually manipulated with tools in an ergonomic working position. Adjustability, customizability and expandability were also considered granting the possibility to fit the setup for many uses. After superfast calibration with a mouse click, the SANXO-Scope HD system can be utilized for measuring distances in the magnified image.